Why Choose S&D Lifts For Your Lift REMOVAL?


Do you have an unnecessary lift that you want to be removed from a building? Perhaps it is outdated and in dire need of an upgrade and installation of a new lift. No matter the reason, you will need a fully trained and capable team to make sure everything goes smoothly.

We offer an efficient and cost-effective nationwide removal service across a range including but not limited to Dumbwaiter, Service, Goods, Trolley, Platform and Passenger.

Our engineers regularly remove outdated tech as part of the new lift installation process, however, we can also offer it as a stand-alone service. Operating across the UK, our teams are trained in safe and efficient removal, minimising the impact on your commercial or residential premises.

Our engineers will first visit your site, carrying out a full inspection of both the car and the shaft. A point-to-point document will then be delivered detailing how the lift and associated equipment will be safely removed. The document will then outline how waste materials will be disposed of. All work will be carried out on strict time scales and fully project-managed.

Safety will always be paramount. Experienced engineers will be involved in all steps of the job process, allowing for quick and quality work that follows all health and safety regulations.


There are several key factors that are considered when estimating the removal and new lift installation cost, but they will almost always be dependent on the type. The following things will all be taken into consideration:

What needs to be removed?

How big is it? If it is larger and heavier, it is going to cost more, as it requires more planning and use of equipment.

Where will the job take place? Location may influence the cost.

How will the removed equipment be disposed of? Do we need additional permits or to provide our own skip?


When it comes to professional lift removal services, we take care of removing all the following components:

  • The car: This is the passenger compartment that moves up and down the lift shaft.
  • Lift machinery: This includes the motors, gearboxes, and electrical components that power the lift’s movement.
  • Control system: This is the brains of the operation, managing things like calling floors and door opening.
  • Lift doors: Both inside the car and at each landing.
  • Lift rails and guides: These keep the car moving smoothly within the shaft.
  • Counterweight: This balances the weight of the car and helps the lift operate efficiently.


  • Safe disposal of fluids: Lift removal services involve draining any hydraulic fluids or oils, which require proper disposal according to regulations.

We understand that lift removal can be a complex process, and our experienced team is here to ensure a smooth, safe, and environmentally responsible removal.

Cost and Space:

  • Reduced Maintenance Costs: Maintaining an old or unused service lift can be expensive. Regular inspections, repairs, and safety certifications can add up over time. Removing the lift eliminates these ongoing costs.
  • Reclaim Valuable Space: Service lifts can take up a significant amount of space in a building. Removing it can free up valuable floor space that can be used for other purposes, potentially increasing property value.

Safety and Liability:

  • Safety Concerns: Older lifts may not meet current safety standards or have outdated features. Removing a potentially unsafe lift reduces the risk of accidents and potential liability issues.
  • Non-Compliance: Building codes and regulations regarding lifts can change over time. An older lift might not comply with current safety codes, making it unusable and potentially hazardous.

Functionality and Efficiency:

  • Obsolete Technology: Older lifts might be slow, inefficient, or have limited weight capacity. Removing a lift that no longer meets your needs allows for the installation of a more modern and efficient model if necessary.

For more information on our lift removal services please get in touch.

We take the disposal of lift equipment very seriously, making sure to remove all components in an environmentally friendly way:

  • Recycling: Many lift components, particularly metal elements like the car itself, rails, guides, and counterweight, can be recycled.  We work with recycling facilities to ensure these materials are processed and reintroduced into the manufacturing cycle, minimising environmental impact.
  • Proper Disposal: Components that can’t be recycled, such as electrical components, control systems, and certain fluids (like hydraulic oils), require proper disposal according to regulations.  We understand these regulations and handle the disposal process responsibly to avoid environmental contamination.


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“We are pleased to confirm Service and Disabled Lifts have installed a number of passenger and disabled lifts in various locations within our property portfolio.
We would happily recommend them to other clients as a reputable installer. In confirmation of this, we are currently engaged in two further installations programmed in our new build developments as our preferred installer.”

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