Lift maintenance services

The expert lift engineers at S&D Lifts offer competitive care and service packages for lift maintenance. We offer preventative maintenance for a variety of lifts, including passenger lifts, service lifts, platform lifts, and other lifting equipment.

Our regular lift servicing packages provide an affordable long-term solution to ensure the continued safe and efficient operation of your lift and compliance with the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations.

During our maintenance visits, we’ll deliver the specific services required by your lift, including inspecting and testing electronics, lubricating moving parts, and inspecting and cleaning the lift shaft, pit, and other areas of the lift system.


Our team has vast knowledge and experience within the lift maintenance industry—you can trust us to keep your lift in top condition.

Here are some reasons to take advantage of our lift maintenance packages:

  • Regular scheduled maintenance visits by qualified engineers to inspect and test all critical components.
  • Prompt response to any maintenance issues or breakdowns, with 24/7 emergency call-out service available 365 days a year.
  • Thorough performance testing and safety checks to ensure compliance with regulatory standards and industry best practices.
  • Knowledge of a variety of lift types, including platform lifts, passenger lifts, service lifts, goods lifts, and more.
  • Transparent communication and detailed reporting of maintenance activities, findings, and recommendations.
  • Customized maintenance plans tailored to your lift’s specific needs, usage, and environment.
  • Access to a dedicated customer support team for assistance with any maintenance inquiries or concerns.
  • Peace of mind knowing that your lift is in the hands of trusted experts who prioritize safety, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

    • Visual check of the car and shaft to make sure there is no excessive wear or anything out of place.
    • Clean the top of the car and ropes
    • Lubrication of shaft guides
    • Carry out minor car adjustments
    • Carry out full car and shaft health checks and produce full lift health reports.

    Once the health check has been completed, you will be presented with your product report that will tell you the condition of the equipment and anything we might suggest keeping an eye on.

    Now your lift is fully serviced, you can then continue to enjoy the use of your equipment carefree without the nasty surprise of a repair bill caused by lack of care for the products.

    To get more information on our range of care agreements, get in touch with our team at our main office number.


    As a responsible lift owner, you need to schedule regular lift servicing as a priority to ensure the safety of your customers, guests, tenants, or staff.

    Keeping your lift well-maintained is an essential part of ensuring your equipment’s longevity and will, in turn, put a stop to any unnecessary repairs due to a lack of preventative maintenance.

    Most lifts generally don’t need much care; we would only recommend between 2-4 services per year to ensure your equipment is primed and running at 100% of its capabilities.

    We understand the importance of keeping your equipment running all day long, so our engineers will perform a service in around 30 minutes. We’ll then provide a full report on your lift maintenance and health for your records.

    Below, we’ve shared a quick breakdown of the tasks that are typically performed by our engineers during a scheduled lift service:

  • A thorough inspection of the car and shaft to ensure there’s no excessive wear or anything out of place
  • Cleaning of the top of the car and ropes
  • Lubrication of the shaft guides
  • (If necessary) making minor car adjustments
  • Comprehensive car and shaft health checks
  • Delivery of a complete lift health reports
  • Once the health check has been completed, your lift maintenance provider will present you with your product report, which will contain key data on the condition of the equipment and anything we might suggest keeping an eye on.

    Post-service, you can continue to enjoy the use of your equipment with the peace of mind that your lift has been well cared for and that you won’t be hit with an unexpected (and often entirely avoidable) repair bill.

    To find out more about our range of care agreements, contact our team at our main office number.

  • We don’t only maintain lifts—we install them too. That means we have extensive knowledge of the correct workings of a variety of lift types, putting us in the best position to ensure the correct maintenance is performed on your lit model.

    With S&D Lifts, you can count on our proactive maintenance solutions tailored to your specific needs, providing you with the continued assurance of safe lift operations and uninterrupted access to your equipment.

    No, in the UK, lift maintenance isn’t explicitly mandated by a specific law. However, it is governed by various regulations and standards to ensure lift safety and compliance. Lifts are subject to inspection and maintenance requirements outlined in health and safety regulations, such as the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER). These regulations require employers and building owners to ensure that lifts are properly maintained, inspected, and serviced to ensure they are safe for use by employees and visitors.

    The difference between lift maintenance and inspections is that maintenance involves specific servicing tasks, while inspections are intended to assess a lift’s function and operation and don’t always necessitate work. Lift maintenance involves regular upkeep tasks, like lubricating moving parts, checking electrical systems, and repairing any faults, to ensure a lift is functioning correctly and safely. Lft inspections are periodic assessments, carried out by qualified inspectors, to evaluate the overall condition and safety of the lift. Inspections and maintenance may be conducted concurrently.

    The average cost of lift maintenance in the UK is between £1,000 to £3,000 per year for standard passenger lifts. However, there are so many variables that affect the cost of lift maintenance services, including the type of lift, its age, usage, and the level/frequency of service required. To get the most accurate price for your own situation, contact our team to obtain a tailored quote based on the information you provide.

    The frequency of your lift servicing depends on various factors, including the type of lift, its usage, and regulatory requirements. The general rule is that lifts should be serviced at least annually to ensure they remain safe and operational. We can advise you on how often you’ll require our lift maintenance services based on the factors mentioned above.

    The building owner or manager is generally responsible for lift maintenance, although this can vary depending on the type of building and contractual agreements. In commercial buildings, it’s usually always the building owner who needs to ensure that lifts are properly maintained and serviced, while in residential buildings, the responsibility may fall on the property management company.

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