Lift Maintenance

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As well as installing service and disabled lifts we also offer a competitive care and service package.

Our team has a vast knowledge and experience within the lift maintenance industry and a dedicated team that deal with all enquiries. We aim to make the process of maintaining your lift as carefree as possible.

Keeping your product well maintained is an essential part of ensuring your equipment’s longevity and will, in turn, put a stop to any unnecessary repairs due to lack of maintenance.

These types of lifts are generally don’t need much care; we would only recommend between 2-4 services per year ensure your equipment is primed and running at 100% of its capabilities. We understand how essential it is to keep your equipment running all day long, so our engineers will carry out a service in around 30 minutes and compel a full report on your lifts health.

Here is a very quick breakdown of the sort of things our engineers will be doing while carrying out the work;

  • Visual check of the car and shaft to make sure there is no excessive wear or anything out of place.
  • Clean top of car and ropes
  • Lubrication of shaft guides
  • Carry out minor car adjustments
  • Carry out full car and shaft health check and produce full lift health report.

Once the health check has been completed, you will be presented with your product report that will tell you the condition of the equipment and anything we might suggest keeping an eye on.

Now your lift is fully serviced you can then continue to enjoy the use of your equipment carefree without the nasty surprise of a repair bill caused by lack of care for the products.

To get more information on our range of care agreements get in touch with our team on our main office number.

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