Our under-bar size dumbwaiter lift has been manufactured to fit the upper serving level beneath a 1000mm high countertop.


Designed to fit seamlessly into bar settings, this small service lift maximizes space utilization and provides a smooth and reliable operation. Whether you need to transport drinks, glassware, or other items between levels, our under-bar dumbwaiter lift is engineered to meet your needs with precision and efficiency.

The BKG lift is a German-built service lift with a simple and sleek design. This service lift is modular-based, so it can be installed quickly, usually within 2 days.

Once installed, it’s very easy to maintain with minimal visits, making it ideal for businesses looking for an affordable, low-hassle long-term solution.

The BKG under-bar service lift has been designed with safety in mind, with a host of safety features built into the system to ensure complete safety on the site at all times.


Main Features

– Bottom drive system to allow upper-level door to sit beneath a 1000mm high countertop
– Self-contained motor situated beneath lower door
– 5-week lead time
– Three-phase or single-phase
– Heated car option
– Varies capacities and lift speeds



Our under-bar service lifts solve the common problem of inefficient transportation of food and drinks between different levels in bars, restaurants, and hospitality settings.

This type of lift is a serving-height lift at the bottom floor; usually a cellar or a basement, where food or beverages need to be transported between floors to move into fridges or a restaurant.

Once the lift arrives at the top floor, it turns into a hinged door floor loading lift at floor level.

The under-bar service lifts we supply have a low-level winding unit arrangement, which means the top-floor entrance will fit unobtrusively under any counter or bar.


Kitchens, bars, or any business in the hospitality industry could benefit from installing a bar lift in the space. If your business operations involve transporting food and drinks between different levels, a bar lift can help streamline your operations, enabling you to optimize your workflow and improve overall productivity. When deciding whether you could benefit from a bar lift, consider how much time and manual handling the lift could save, and how cost-effective it would be for you based on your budget and how heavily you would expect to use the lift.

Yes, all our dumbwaiter lifts – including our under-bar service lifts – come with a 12-month parts and labour warranty that protects your investment over the initial period of use. We also offer extended warranties for anyone looking for longer-term peace of mind.

Under-bar dumbwaiter lifts can be installed with several optional features, including heat lamps (a popular choice in lifts that will be used to transport food), car position indicators, lift arrival buzzers, and other indicators for lift in use, door open, and so on.

Here’s what we guarantee when you choose S&D Lifts to supply and install your under-bar lift:

  • Quick and efficient installation process
  • German-built lift with a sleek and modern design
  • Modular-based system for easy installation and maintenance
  • Minimal maintenance required after installation
  • Comprehensive safety features built into the system
  • Specially trained engineers to ensure safe usage and operation
  • When you get in touch to enquire about an under-bar lift for your business, one of our team will respond within 24 hours to learn more about your bar lift requirements.

    We’ll visit your business to assess your current bar setup and determine the most practical and efficient location for a bar lift to be installed.

    Our team of professional lift installers is positioned across the UK, and we’ll work to quickly install your bar service lift with minimal disruption to your business’ operations.

    Safety is our number one priority when supplying and installing our service lifts. Once your lift is installed, one of our specially trained engineers will run a full brief on how to use it, ensuring you have the knowledge to safely and efficiently operate the lift.


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