Bespoke Dumbwaiter Lifts

For businesses with very specific requirements for their dumbwaiter lift, we manufacture and install bespoke dumbwaiters tailored precisely to your needs.


We’ll work closely with you to ensure your dumbwaiter is designed to suit your business setup perfectly, with carrying capacities ranging from 5kg to 500kg.

We can also customize the lift’s size and orientation, design, materials, operation speed, control system, and additional features, such as optional heating in the car and specialized compartments for different types of items. Your bespoke dumbwaiter lift can either be installed within a masonry shaft or supplied within its own self-supporting structure.

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– Wide range of finishes
– Options for fire rating
– Self-supporting structure or can be installed within a masonry shaft
– Wide range of car sizes and orientations
– Three-phase or single phase
– Heated car option
– Capacities from 5kg – 500Kg
– Variety of lift speeds
– Top, bottom, and side drive arrangements

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Our range of bespoke lifts can be used in a number of different applications to transport goods between levels.

You may require a dumbwaiter lift but have specific needs that can’t be met by a pre-manufactured lift. For instance, you may have size requirements for the lift shaft, need customized features like heated lamps for food transport, or require a specific finish that blends in with the design aesthetics of your space. In all these cases, a bespoke dumbwaiter is the perfect solution for you.

Additionally, if you have unique load capaci
Our Bespoke dumbwaiter lifts can be supplied in carrying capacities ranging from 5kg-500kg in a variety of sizes and orientations. All our bespoke lifts come within their own lift structure, allowing for minimal associated building works. Typically, all we require would be an aperture between your levels, power supply and some making good around our frameworks once we are finished.

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Yes, all our dumbwaiter lifts – including our bespoke dumbwaiters 12-month parts and labour warranty against manufacturing defects within the initial period of use. You can choose to extend this warranty for longer-term peace of mind.

To get started with a dumbwaiter lift installation, your first step is to speak to a member of our team, who can make a note of your requests for lift size, carrying capacity, finish, special features, and more. If you’re not sure what you need, we can offer professional and knowledgeable advice based on your situation and budget and provide you with a tailor-made quote within 24 hours of the first contact.

If you run food outlets, hotels, pubs, a major department store, or even an office complex, your business could likely benefit from installing a dumbwaiter lift of some kind. Whether or not you need a bespoke lift depends on your preferences and budget, and whether you’d rather get the lift installed as soon as possible or whether you’re happy to wait for a lift to be custom-made to your specifications. We’re happy to help you choose the right lift for your requirements – contact us for a free quote today.

Whether you work in hospitality, catering, manufacturing, or any similar industry, you’ll enjoy the same benefits of installing a bespoke dumb waiter lift on your property:

  • Enhanced efficiency – Our dumb waiter lifts eliminate the need for manual handling, helping to streamline your business’ operations.
  • Increased safety – Dumbwaiters eliminate the potential for injury caused by carrying goods up and down stairs.
  • Ultimate versatility – Because our bespoke commercial dumbwaiters are tailored to your exact requirements, you can enjoy the best value for money from a lift that’s perfectly suited to your workplace.
  • Highly convenient – Our dumbwaiters don’t only reduce injury risk; they also save time and effort, making them a convenient solution for many businesses.
  • If you want to reduce unnecessary manual handling and introduce a convenient transportation solution in your business, a bespoke dumb waiter lift is a great choice.

    One of the most popular uses of our dumbwaiter lift is within the hospitality sector, usually in the kitchen, used to carry hot plates from the kitchen to the restaurant area. To keep the plates warm during transit, we can provide the option of a heated tray or heated lamp within the lift to keep the food warm whilst travelling up the shaft.

    Most of our bespoke lifts come within their own lift structure, which greatly reduces the associated building work.

    Get in touch with our sales team to discuss your bespoke dumbwaiter lift requirements today.

    When you choose S&D Lifts for your bespoke dumbwaiter lift, we’ll work closely with you to provide tailored solutions to fit your exact specifications.

    With our expertise and experience, we can customize every aspect of the dumbwaiter to meet your unique needs, from size and capacity to special features and finishes.

    We have a nationwide team of professional lift installers, and we’re on hand to install your bespoke dumbwaiter lift with minimal disruption to your space.

    We’ve worked with dozens of companies to supply and install dumbwaiter lifts to their specific requirements – see our case studies for some of our recent work.


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