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We offer a wide variety of services including lift maintenance, lift installation, dumbwaiter lifts, kitchen lifts, good lifts, lift repair,, and commerical lifts.

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Offering a range of services

Our highly skilled and dedicated team are here to help each individual customer find exactly what they require and to answer any queries along the way.

Over 30 years experience

As a specialist company, Service and Disabled Lifts have over 30 years’ experience in the industry, providing the most efficient installation of service and disabled platforms on the market. Our highly skilled and dedicated team are here to help each individual customer find exactly what they require and to answer any queries along the way. Our designated project management team will work alongside architects, designers, and building contractors to help find the right product suitable to the given project. We aim to make the process of installing service and disabled access lifts as simple and pain free as possible. In addition, we provide a fantastic level of aftercare by offering a range of service agreements to ensure the reliability of your product long after it has been installed. We maintain top health and safety standards, keeping your service lifts working in optimum condition at all times..

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We also offer:

Repairremoval, and maintenance services.

We can also provide a variety of different equipment for different needs; disabled, goods & service.

Our team works around the clock to ensure all of the projects we are involved in work to strict deadlines and adhere to the top levels of health and safety. We have dealt with small businesses to blue chip companies around the whole of the UK, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like us to quote.

Customer Testimonials

“We are pleased to confirm sd have installed a number of passenger and disabled lifts in various locations within our property portfolio. We are delighted at the service they have provided to date, in the main, on time, on budget and minimal defects.”

“We would be happy to recommend them to other clients as a reputable installer. In confirmation of this we are currently engaged in two further installations programmed in our new build developments as our preferred installer.”

Group Property Director, Vertu Motors PLC

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New Website Launch

The new website has been launched. We are busy working through some kinks but everything should be working perfectly. If you notice any bugs then please help us by using the contact form below.

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