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We stock a range of service and goods lifts, including dumbwaiter lifts and kitchen lifts, ideal for commercial use.

We supply, deliver, and install a wide range of service lifts that are perfectly suited to restaurants and bars, as well as private homes and offices.

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Why Choose S&D Lifts For Your Dumbwaiter Lift Installation?

Whether for a bustling commercial kitchen, a busy restaurant, or a residential application, S&D Lifts supply and install dumbwaiter lifts to fit your unique requirements.

As a UK supplier and installer, our technical team helps ensure your service lift is installed trouble-free.

Quality is at the forefront of everything we do. We use the sturdiest materials, supplying durable, reliable dumbwaiter lifts that withstand the test of time. We adhere strictly to all relevant regulations, and we certify all of our work to ensure it meets all health and safety standards.

We know that every service lift installation project is unique, and we’ll work with you from start to finish on a bespoke solution that ensures your specific requirements are met. From the initial consultation to ongoing support, we’ll guide you through the installation process, providing clear communication and responsive service.


Premium Quality

Our lift cars can be finished in either stainless or Galvanised steel depending upon the particular application. Our landing doors can also be powder coated in a RAL colour of your choice, perfect if you are installing a lift in your home and would like it to blend in with its surroundings.

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Quick and Easy Install

Our quick and easy to install, whilst causing minimal disruption. Dumbwaiter installation takes just one to two days on a two-floor lift and our engineers will return for a second visit, which will include the testing, commissioning of the lift and training in its safe operation.

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Increase Productivity and Reduce Risk of Injury

Reduce the risk of injury that comes with manual handling. Whether you are a restaurateur or homeowner, injuries caused by unnecessary manual handling will ultimately cost you money and/or staff.


“We are pleased to confirm Service and Disabled Lifts have installed a number of passenger and disabled lifts in various locations within our property portfolio.

We would happily recommend them to other clients as a reputable installer. In confirmation of this, we are currently engaged in two further installations programmed in our new build developments as our preferred installer.”

Group Property Director, Vertu Motors PLC


We supply every lift with a 12 month parts a labour warranty which can be extended if required.

If you live or work in a building where you need to transport goods quickly and easily from A to B, you might want to consider installing a service lift. They’re a flexible and incredibly convenient solution and can be cheap and easy to install.

Of course, most of us understand that finding ways to make our work easier is the cornerstone of real progress. Service lifts are safer, quicker, and in the long-term, can be an excellent investment. Streamlining generally means progress, and a service lift can help you smooth and polish your working experience.

In fact, for commercial and industrial use, service lifts are practically indispensable for saving time and energy. You’ll find service lifts in most professional premises, and maybe even more than one type of lift on offer. It’s not uncommon for a large building to have a range of lifts to allow for more efficient operation, each one in a different room and designed for a different purpose.

Lifts can also reduce the chances of accidents. For example, without service lifts, goods may need to be manually carried up several flights of stairs. As you can imagine, this is a recipe for disaster – and it takes much longer. It also wastes energy, leaving you tired out when it comes to the more intricate elements of your working day.

Consulting with professional service lift installers can be a good idea. Not all service lifts are equal, and each building has different needs. A service lift needs to installed to fit a building’s unique structure. So, to get the best fit for you and your needs, you should speak to a professional. We can advise you on the kinds of lifts commonly required for your industry and your site or premises, as well as explaining how our process works. You’ll also need to take into account what you’ll be transporting, and how much it will weigh. Dumbwaiters can be designed differently to allow a multitude of carrying capacities. If you’re going to use your service lift to transport food to a dining room from a kitchen, you won’t need an industrial-standard goods lift.

Let’s take a look at what kind of lift you might need, as well as that all-important question – how much will it cost?

Absolutely. While service lifts are more typically used in a commercial industry setting, a dumbwaiter can made a handy addition to a home. The installation can be reasonably priced, depending on the type of lift involved.

Especially if your home consists of a few floors, installation of a kitchen lift can offer you with a convenient tool to use regularly. Even dumbwaiter lifts that just run between two floors can save you time and effort. The most common use of service lifts is to run food from a kitchen, but you can use it in any setting you can think of.

A service lift could be ideal for older people, or those with disabilities. In a home with a carer, for example, a service lift could save a lot of time and energy. It could allow a carer to prepare a meal in the kitchen, and send it straight up to the occupant, helpfully cutting out the flight or two of stairs in between. Many disabled persons use a service lift to minimize walking and climbing stairs, and this handy tool may also benefit nurses, carers, family, and friends.

A service lift can also be used as a laundry chute, a way to transport documents from one office to another, a way of sending up a heavy tea tray, and much more.

The aim of our commercial lift company is to make the process of installing your dumbwaiter as seamless and efficient as possible, utilizing our 30+ years of experience in delivering installation projects worldwide.

The first step is to speak to a member of our team who will advise you on the best product to suit your needs. From our 50kg BKG bespoke dumbwaiters to variations of our document and combination lift, we can help to provide you with the necessary information on our product range to allow you to make an informed decision on the exact model of lift that will work best for you. We offer professional and knowledgeable advice based on your needs before providing you with a tailor-made quotation within 24 hours of the first contact.

Depending on your site and the industry you operate in, you might need to investigate different types of service lifts. Basic dumbwaiter lifts (such as the lifts we supply) are ideal for a small commercial business, and getting this lift installed is surprisingly quick and easy. They are a perfect fit for domestic homes and can be especially useful for seniors or anyone who struggles with going up and down flights of stairs. Installing a basic lift can help you and your team understand how your new service lift will affect your day-to-day life, and to what extent it will save you time and energy.

Using service lifts can also help your company to improve the quality of service you offer and are seen as standard in some industries. Food-based industries, in particular, should certainly consider adding at least one small service lift to their kitchen. Using service lifts in a kitchen allows food to arrive in perfect condition and at the perfect temperature. It keeps the transportation of food smooth and free of mess, minimizing stress and labour.

It also reduces the chance of accidents on the way to and from the table! In a busy kitchen, the chance of falls or other accidents is high. If you add endless trips up and down a flight or two of stairs, laden with heavy food trays, the probability of an accident is much, much greater.

Dumbwaiter lifts are exceptional for use in the home or business. For example, they’re ideal for kitchens, hotels, and restaurants. In fact, dumbwaiters are often known as “food lifts”, and have been used for hundreds of years.

Dumbwaiter lifts are small, compact, and easy to install. They’re also subtle, so you needn’t worry about a chunky, unsightly metal lift sitting in the middle of a room. Service lifts are often indispensable in buildings with several floors – after all, who wants to go up and down all those stairs? They also keep hot food hot, and cold food cold. If you’re transporting delicate items – for example, many people enjoy afternoon tea, but there are a lot of delicate, breakable teacups involved! – the lifts are smooth, steady, and reliable.

If you’re uncertain about what you and your business might need get in contact with us and we can propose what we think will be the best model to suit your particular application. A traditional 50kg or 100kg dumbwaiter lift might be useful as a starting point however if you need more industrial, heavier goods transported or something more bespoke we can suggest a larger capacity goods lift from our product range that can hopefully assist in transporting your goods between levels.

As a quality UK supplier and installer, our technical team helps ensure your kitchen lift is installed trouble-free. We are happy to meet with you and discuss the ideal service or dumbwaiter lift you require and will draw up the plans for the project. We also certify all of our work to ensure it has met all health and safety standards. Simply put, you can have confidence that your new service lift will meet all possible safety standards.

In order to prepare for the installation of your dumbwaiter lift, a representative from our lift company will visit you onsite and carryout a full in-depth site survey. During this initial visit we will discuss at length what exactly you require from your new service lift and we can recommend the most appropriate model. Typically, the kitchen lift equipment  for a 2 floor installation will take between one and two days to fit. Prior to starting any works you will be issued with a full programme of works detailing the starting day and time, duration of works and completion day.

Our installation team is highly trained and have years of experience. Upon completion, our equipment is officially commissioned by ourselves, and relevant documentation handed across.

Heavy Goods Lifts and Lifts Trolleys are a little more heavy-duty. While a basic dumbwaiter lift is designed primarily for food, a lifting trolley can carry much heavier goods. In fact, they can carry around 100-1000kg of weight. These lifts are aimed towards warehouses and any business that carries heavy goods and pallets.

It’s possible that a business could need two different types of service lift. For example, a lighter dumbwaiter lift could be used in the kitchen or somewhere else in the building, primarily for domestic use. If the building has a warehouse or some kind of industrial goods area, a heavy goods lift or lift trolley would be perfect for that area.

Speak to our installation team if you think you need more than one service lift or two different types. There are differences in installation and price that will need to be considered. There are also significant differences in what a heavy goods lift can handle. Since their upper limit is 2000kg, you will need to identify what equipment your business needs to transport, and the estimated combined weight of each load would be. Buying a lift that’s just about able to lift what you need is a bad idea. Always make sure your lift can go above and beyond what you’ll need to carry.

While a service lift with a lower weight limit may be cheaper, in the long run, it could cause damage, and may even lead to serious accidents. Always play it safe, and speak to our installation team. Be frank about your needs, and we’ll do our best to help you.

If you run food outlets, hotels, pubs, a major department store or even an office complex, your business could likely benefit from installing a service lift. In the hospitality industry, the most common use for service lifts is to transport food to and from the kitchen, but service lifts also offer a suitable means of moving laundry. This can be very useful, as the more traditional laundry chute method is determinedly one way only!

Ideally, a hotel should consider two different service lifts. One can be used in the kitchen for transporting food, and another can be used as a laundry chute.

Simply put, if your business in any way involves transporting items from one floor to another (especially food!) you would likely benefit from installing a service lift. If you’re unsure, why not speak to a professional about when and how your lift would be installed, and what kind of price you’d be looking at for installation, servicing, and maintenance. Once we have completed a site survey we can offer the information you need to decide where on your site you should place your lift for optimal convenience.

Time is money, and you can rest assured that installing high-quality service lifts could save you and your team a lot of both!

A service lift, or a dumbwaiter lift, is a freight lift that’s specifically designed for the transportation of smaller goods or materials between different floors within a building. Unlike larger service lifts, dumbwaiter lifts are typically smaller in size and are primarily used for transporting lightweight items such as food, dishes, documents, or laundry. They’re not designed to transport people.

The key difference between a service lift and a passenger lift is that service lifts are for transporting goods and are typically used in commercial settings, while passenger lifts are designed to transport people and are used in a variety of settings. Service lifts are typically much smaller than passenger lifts and have a reduced weight capacity.

The cost of installing a dumbwaiter lift depends on a few factors, including the lift type, size, and weight capacity. Prices typically start at around £5,000 for the smaller, standard models. You’ll get the most accurate price estimation for your project by contacting our team to request a quote.

Here’s what we guarantee when you choose S&D lit to install your dumbwaiter lifts:

  • Premium quality – Our lift cars can be finished in either stainless or Galvanised steel depending upon the particular application. Our landing doors can also be powder-coated in a RAL colour of your choice; perfect if you’re installing a lift in your home and would like it to blend in with its surroundings.
  • Quick and easy install – We install service lifts quickly and with minimal disruption. Dumbwaiter installation takes just one-to-two days on a two-floor lift and our engineers will return for a second visit, which will include the testing and commissioning of the lift, and training in its safe operation.
  • Up to 200kg carrying capacity – Our range of service lifts are intended for different load sizes and are available in several carrying capacities. From our smallest 20 kg document lifts to our high-capacity 200kg dumbwaiters, we supply service and goods lifts for every situation.
  • Multiple stops – If you want to optimise your business’ goods delivery, enquire about our multiple-stop service lifts. We supply dumbwaiters with up to three stops for the efficient and safe transportation of goods between floors.
  • Suitable for a variety of situations – Our dumbwaiter lifts can be used for a range of purposes, including to transport food in restaurants, moving laundry in hotels, transporting equipment and supplies in hospitals and healthcare facilities, facilitating waste management, and much more.
  • Increase productivity and reduce the risk of injury that comes with manual handling
  • Maximise the use of vertical space within your building
  • Streamline operations and reduce time wasted on manual transportation between floors
  • Customizable and bespoke lift options, including food lifts & other kitchen lift models, trolley lifts, document lifts, and more, for a range of applications across different sectors
  • Save money by reducing reliance on manual transportation methods (reducing labour costs) and minimising the risk of damage to goods
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