Document Lift for Small Goods

Our document lifts offer a specialized solution for the efficient transportation of small goods, particularly documents and lightweight items, between floors.

Document Lift Installation for Small goods

Available in two sizes, 5kg and 20kg, these lifts are tailored to meet the needs of businesses requiring rapid and secure movement of essential paperwork and other light, non-bulky items.

With a compact design, our document lifts can be installed in tight spaces and integrate unobtrusively into various environments, including offices, libraries, and administrative facilities. They’re equipped with advanced safety features to ensure smooth and reliable operation and are available in a range of different finishes, sizes, and orientations.

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– 5 week lead time
– Wide range of car sizes and orientations
– Bottom drive system to accommodate minimal headroom
– Ideal solution for use in the home or for commercial use
– Bespoke door finishes to blend in with surroundings
– Three-phase or single-phase

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Our document lift solutions are a popular solution for offices that need a quick and easy way to transport important paperwork between floors, from one department to another.

These lifts are built very similarly to our standard dumbwaiter lifts – the only difference is their size and weight capacities.

The purpose of a document lift is to allow for efficient vertical transportation of documents and lightweight items. You may also hear a document lift referred to as a:

  • Library lift
  • Office lift
  • Bank lift
  • We supply document lifts with a range of finishes, with different colours to suit different environments.
  • Regardless of where or how they’re used, document lifts provide an efficient and secure solution for managing the transportation of documents.


    We provide a 12 month parts and labour warranty which if required can be extended.

    Due to the simplicity of their design, document lifts are easy to install – the process can be completed within 2 days, minimising disruption to your workplace.

    We supply and fit our dumbwaiters nationwide, so no matter where you are in the UK, we can visit your site and conduct the installation at a time that suits you.

    Our installation experts conduct thorough assessments to optimize lift placement and configuration, using efficient processes that prioritize quality and safety during the installation. We provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure safe and effective lift operation.

    We can also provide a maintenance package once you are outside your warranty period to ensure your lift keeps running smoothly for years to come. We provide nationwide coverage and are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.


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