Combination Lift

One of our larger dumbwaiters with our range includes a special “two-tier” combination lift, which is effectively two lifts in one, allowing for different types of goods to be moved in the same unit.

Combination Lift Installation Across The UK

Our combination lifts offer a versatile solution for businesses seeking to optimize their logistical operations. They offer flexibility and efficiency, making them ideal for businesses with diverse operational needs, including restaurants, hotels, warehouses, hospitals, and office buildings. 

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– Upper serving level dumbwaiter with the lower half of the lift as a floor– level loading, small goods lift with a hinged door
– Three-phase or single-phase
– Heated car option
– Wide range of car sizes and orientations
– Self-supporting structure or can be installed within a masonry shaft.
– No pit requirement
– Perfect solution for transportation of food and small goods

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Our combination lift is unique as it offers an upper serving-level dumbwaiter with a vertical bi-parting door arrangement. The lower half of the lift is a floor-level loading small goods lift with a hinged door arrangement. 

A combination lift is ideally suited to a bar or restaurant. Typically, the upper part of the lift houses the shelves, usually for carrying food. Optionally, these shelves can be heated, with a stainless steel finish for hygiene purposes. The lower part of the lift is used to transport heavier goods, like bottles, stacks of plates, or glassware.

Combination lifts cater to other businesses, too – they’re useful in any situation where different types of goods need to be transported simultaneously, such as documents and small goods in office buildings.

We provide the choice of different car and landing door finishes for your combination lift, including painted finishes, to suit your exact preferences and environment. 


Combination lifts are available in a range of sizes and carrying capacities, so there’s a high chance that we stock the right-sized lift for your requirements. 

The maintenance requirements for a combination lift are twice-yearly inspections and basic servicing tasks, which can be carried out by our lift engineers. The exact maintenance tasks required for this lift depends on its exact configuration, its age, and its use frequency. 

The most commonly included special feature in a combination lift is a heating lamp or heated car element, which makes the lift suitable for carrying food that needs to be kept warm. You can request that only one tier of the lift is heated, so the other portion of the lift can be used to carry plates, bottles, and items that don’t need to be kept warm. 

Yes, our combination lifts are sold with a 1-year parts and labour warranty for your peace of mind. We also provide extended warranties and maintenance packages for our customers who want to ensure their lifts operate optimally and avoid unexpected repair bills in the long term. 

A key benefit of choosing S&D Lifts for your combination lift is that we supply and install our lifts, meaning that you don’t have the responsibility of sourcing a capable expert to install your lift for you. 

We’ll work quickly and efficiently to install your combination lift with minimal disruption to your business, and once the installation is complete, we’ll provide the documentation and instructions you’ll need to safely and confidently operate your new lift. 

Combination lifts are based on the same design as our standard dumbwaiter and are modular-based, which makes the installation quick and straightforward. In most cases, a combination lift can be installed within two days. 

Beyond installation, we provide ongoing maintenance services to keep your combination lift in optimal working order. 


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