S&D Lifts’ 50kg capacity advantage dumbwaiter lift was developed to meet the requirements of the very short lead time market. We keep these lifts in stock all year round to enable us to install them within a few days of your order placement.

50Kg Advantage Dumbwaiter service Lift

50kg dumbwaiter lifts are ideal for silver service, either in a commercial property or a home. They have the smallest load capacity of all the service lifts we sell (excluding document lifts), making them suitable for carrying items such as food, dishes, laundry, documents, and small goods between different floors.



– Lifting capacity of 50Kg
– In stock – can be installed immediately
– Self-supporting structure
– Manufactured in Germany
– Installed within 1 day
– Stainless steel finishes
– Fire-rated landing doors
– Single or three-phase power requirements



Our advantage range of dumbwaiter service lifts is built to suit the demands of businesses looking for a quick and effective solution to transporting food or goods between levels.

Whether you need a new lift installation or you’re replacing an existing service lift, our 50kg advantage lift can be installed within a few days of placing your order.

The 50kg advantage dumbwaiter service lift is available in a two or three-stop arrangement with single, through car or adjacent entry.

This service lift has a maximum travel of 6 metres for our 2-stop version, or 7.3 metres for our 3-stop version. This can be easily adjusted on-site to suit your needs.


We supply all our 50kg advantage dumbwaiter lifts with a 12-month parts and labour warranty, which can be extended if required.

Yes. While 50KG dumbwaiter service lifts are more typically used in a commercial industry setting, they can make a handy addition to a home, especially if your home consists of a few floors. The most common use of service lifts is to run food from a kitchen, but you can use it in any setting you can think of.

Many older people, or people with disabilities, use a dumbwaiter service lift to transport items between different floors and minimize walking and climbing stairs. A small service lift can also be used as a laundry chute, a way to transport documents from one office to another, a way of sending up a heavy tea tray, and much more.

If you run a food outlet, hotel, pub, a major department store, or even an office complex, your business could likely benefit from installing a 50kg dumb waiter service lift. In the hospitality industry, the most common use for service lifts is to transport food to and from the kitchen, but service lifts also offer a suitable means of moving laundry.

If you live or work in a building where you need to transport goods quickly and easily from A to B, you’ll benefit from installing a 50kg dumbwaiter service lift. They’re a flexible and incredibly convenient solution and can be cheap and easy to install.

Here are some of the key benefits of our 50kg advantage dumbwaiter lifts:

  • Safer, quicker, easier transportation of food and lighter goods in smaller commercial settings
  • An excellent investment in the long term
  • Streamline and polish your working processes
  • Reduce the likelihood of accidents
  • Robust & durable design that lasts years
  • Not all service lifts are equal, and each building has different needs. So, to get the best service lift for you and your needs, you should speak to a professional.

    When you choose S&D Lifts to supply and install your 50kg dumb waiter lift, you benefit from our expertise, reliability, and decades of experience in the lift industry.

    As a quality UK supplier and installer, our technical team helps ensure your kitchen lift is installed trouble-free. We’re happy to meet with you and discuss the ideal service or dumbwaiter lift you require. We also certify all of our work to ensure it meets all health and safety standards.

    To prepare for the installation of your dumbwaiter lift, one of our company representatives will visit you onsite and carry out a full in-depth site survey.

    We supply our lifts with vertical bi-parting landing doors with an optional car door, all within their own self-supporting galvanised steel structure, greatly reducing the associated building work. Generally, all that’s needed is an aperture between the levels you want to connect, a power supply, and some making good around our frameworks once we are finished.

    The typical installation time for a 50kg lift car is 1-2 days. Our installation team is highly trained and has years of experience. Upon completion, we officially commission the equipment ourselves and hand across the relevant documentation for your records.


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