Step lifts

Our wide range of step lifts are the ideal disabled access solution where the change in height between two levels is less than 2 metres.


We supply and install step lifts in an array of different finishes to suit the aesthetic of your building, with models suitable for both domestic and commercial applications.

Due to the versatility of their design, our step lifts can be used by:

  • Wheelchair and mobility scooter users
  • People with pushchairs
  • Families with children
  • People with visual impairments
  • Anyone with mobility problems
    • We supply step lifts for use indoors and outdoors, designed for safe and durable operation. Our outdoor wheelchair lifts are equipped with weather-resistant components and can withstand exposure to the elements.


    Main Features Of Step Lifts

    – Lifting capacities from 250kg – 500kg
    – Compact design
    – Quick manufacturing and installation
    – Suitable for public access and compliant with part M
    – Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
    – Pit or floor-mounted mechanism
    – Wide range of finishes available

    Option 1 Step Lift
    Step Lift


    If you’re looking to enable ease of movement for wheelchair users across short distances in your home or business, you need a step lift.

    Our compact step lifts are intended for shorter travel and provide a stylish, practical accessibility solution for people with mobility limitations. They’re thoughtfully designed and utilise an onboard hydraulic drive system, so they make the best use of space, with no need for an external tank or control cabinet outside the unit. As a result, our step lifts have an incredibly small footprint and a part M-compliant platform size; perfect for public access applications.

    We also provide a range of smaller step lift platform sizes suited for domestic use, finished in your choice of colour and featuring glazed panels to seamlessly blend in with its surroundings.


    Step lifts have a simple design and are quicker to install than most other wheelchair access lifts. The average installation timeframe for a step lift is within 1 day.

    The manufacturing timeframe for a step lift depends on the exact lift design and whether or not a bespoke solution is required. Generally, the manufacturing process takes several weeks, and the lead time is around 6-10 weeks.

    Most of the step lifts supplied by S&D Lifts work on a 220v single-phase power supply (used in all domestic properties and offices). Some may require a 3-phase power depending on the application – this is something we can discuss with you in your consultation.

    No, step lifts don’t typically require a pit because they can be floor-mounted with an inbuilt ramp, greatly reducing the building work required and the associated costs. However, some lifts need a shallow pit of 50-70mm, depending on the application.

    Step lift maintenance costs around £200 per year, depending on the lift design and operation. Contact our team to learn about our step lift maintenance packages – we’re happy to advise on which is best for you.

    Here are the key benefits of choosing S&D Lifts to supply and install your step lift solutions:

    • Space-saving design – Our step lifts are designed to take up as little space as possible and are often much more space-saving than a ramp.
    • Inclusivity and enhanced accessibility – Installing a step lift on your property enables individuals with limited mobility or wheelchair users to be able to access the same spaces as able-bodied people.
    • Safety first – All of our step lifts come with the necessary safety features as a priority, providing a secure and reliable accessibility solution.
    • Comfortable operation – Another of our top priorities is comfort, and our step lifts are designed to ensure a comfortable journey for the lift user.
    • Installing a lift may seem like an expensive undertaking, but step lifts can often actually be cheaper than building wheelchair ramps – and they’re much more space-saving.

      The exact cost of a step lift depends on a few factors, including the lift size, the step height, and whether the lift is intended for indoor or outdoor use. We supply bespoke electric step lifts and can cater to your budget as closely as possible, but if you want an idea of how much you can expect to spend, contact our team with your request and we’ll provide a tailored quote for the job.

      Due to the simplicity of our step lifts’ design and the lack of building works required, we can typically install these lifts within 1 day.

      Our step lifts are designed to operate efficiently with minimal maintenance, but, like all lifts, they still require maintenance to remain in good working order.

      We offer maintenance packages for all the lifts we install, giving you the peace of mind that your lift is being serviced and inspected by a professional, and greatly reducing the likelihood of an unexpected repair bill.

      Between scheduled maintenance, we recommend regularly inspecting the lift yourself to ensure that it’s still operating as it should be. If you detect a problem, stop using the lift and contact our team.

      We’re extremely confident in the quality of our lift installations, and our step lifts come with full 12-month parts and labour warranty.


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