We stock our 100kg capacity advantage industrial dumbwaiter lifts year-round, enabling us to supply and install them within a few days for businesses looking for a quick turnaround.

100Kg Advantage industrial Dumbwaiter Lift Installation In The UK

These lifts are a step up from our 50kg dumbwaiter lifts and have a larger carrying capacity, making them suitable for the transportation of heavier items such as larger food trays, bulkier goods, or weightier equipment between different floors in commercial, industrial, or residential settings.

We supply and install our 100kg service lifts, and we offer maintenance packages to people who want to keep their lifts in the best working order year after year.



– Lifting capacity of 100Kg
– In stock – can be installed immediately
– Self-supporting structure
– Manufactured in Germany
– Installed within 1 day
– Stainless steel finishes
– Fire-rated landing doors
– Single or three-phase power requirements

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Our advantage range of dumbwaiters are tailored for businesses needing swift and efficient vertical transportation of goods. Whether for new installations or replacements, our industrial dumbwaiter lifts can be promptly installed within days of ordering.

Our 100kg Advantage industrial dumbwaiter lift offers versatility with two or three stops, featuring various entry configurations. Complete with vertical bi-parting landing doors and optional car door, all housed within a self-supporting galvanized steel structure, our lifts require minimal building work. Typically, we only require an aperture between levels, a power supply, and minor finishing upon completion.

With maximum travel distances of 6 metres for our 2-stop version or 7.3 metres for the 3-stop variant, we can easily make adjustments on-site to suit your needs.


Absolutely, all our lifts (including our 100kg dumbwaiter lift offerings) are supplied with a comprehensive 12-month warranty covering both parts and labor, which protects against any potential issues that may arise during the initial period of use. You also have the option to extend the warranty for additional coverage beyond the initial 12 months if desired.

100kg dumbwaiter lifts cater to a diverse range of industries and settings. If you’re in need of a solution for efficiently transporting goods vertically, a 100kg dumbwaiter may be exactly the kind of service lift you need. In industrial facilities, dumbwaiter lifts can be used to transfer materials, components, and tools, optimizing production processes. Restaurants and hotels rely on 100kg dumbwaiter lifts to swiftly transport heavier items and supplies, and retail stores use them to manage inventory movement between floors. Healthcare facilities and businesses in the hospitality industry could also benefit from the functionality and convenience offered by a 100kg dumbwaiter lift.

Typically, a 100kg advantage industrial dumbwaiter lift can make one or two stops, maximum, with a travel distance of up to 7.3 metres. These lifts are manufactured with their own self-supporting structure, so their potential for customization is minimal. However, we do offer bespoke service lifts for people who need a very specific lift design or travel distance.
Especially if your home consists of a few floors, installation of a kitchen lift can offer you with a convenient tool to use regularly. Even dumbwaiter lifts that just run between two floors can save you time and effort. The most common use of service lifts is to run food from a kitchen, but you can use it in any setting you can think of.

A service lift could be ideal for older people, or those with disabilities. In a home with a carer, for example, a service lift could save a lot of time and energy. It could allow a carer to prepare a meal in the kitchen, and send it straight up to the occupant, helpfully cutting out the flight or two of stairs in between. Many disabled persons use a service lift to minimize walking and climbing stairs, and this handy tool may also benefit nurses, carers, family, and friends.

A service lift can also be used as a laundry chute, a way to transport documents from one office to another, a way of sending up a heavy tea tray, and much more.

Considering a 100kg dumbwaiter lift installation? It’s a smart move for swiftly moving goods from one point to another. With their flexibility and ease of installation, these lifts offer a convenient solution for various settings.

Here are some of the advantages of choosing S&D Lifts to supply and install your 100kg advantage dumbwaiter:

  • Enhance efficiency and safety in commercial and industrial environments
  • Reduce the risk of accidents associated with manual transportation, especially for heavy or bulky items
  • Quick and efficient installation process
  • Dedicated support from consultation to completion
  • Competitive pricing with transparent quotes
  • Nationwide coverage for installation & maintenance services
  • To ensure you receive the perfect lift for your needs, we strongly recommend consulting with our professional lift installers. They’ll recommend the ideal lift type and capacity based on your industry requirements and building structure.

    At S&D Lifts, we streamline the process of installing a 100kg dumbwaiter, drawing from over 30 years of global installation expertise.

    To get started, contact our team, who will guide you in selecting the perfect lift model to meet your needs. If you need a 100kg dumbwaiter lift, we can supply and install the lift within a matter of days.

    Once you’ve chosen your lift, our technical team will install it efficiently at your site, meeting all safety standards. Installation typically takes one to two days for a two-floor setup, with a detailed works program provided beforehand.

    We’ll commission your dumbwaiter upon completion of the installation, providing all the necessary documentation for your records.


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