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Our premium range of home lifts are designed to suit your home’s aesthetic and blend in with your surroundings while allowing for ease of movement between different levels in your property.

Home Lift Installation Across The UK

We supply and install versatile, stylish, and cost-effective domestic lifts to homes around the UK, providing an accessibility solution for wheelchair users, people with mobility issues, or people who simply prefer using lifts to staircases.

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– Lifting capacities ranging from 250Kg – 500Kg
– Variety of footprints available to suit any space
– Available in a supporting structure or fitted in a masonry shaft
– Minimal pit requirement of 120mm & headroom requirement of 2100mm
– Quick installation of around 3-5 days
– Industry-leading hydraulic and traction drive systems

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Our range of through-floor home lifts provide the perfect solution for anyone looking to increase the ease of movement between different levels in their home.

Whether you want to make your home accessible for wheelchair users, you’re looking for a transportation solution for general household goods, or you’re keen to future-proof your home for later life, you’ll find what you need in our domestic lifts.

Our lifts are available in a variety of configurations to suit different homes and requirements. We also supply several different cabin styles available for you to choose between, depending on your preferred look and your budget.


Depending on whether you opt for a home lift that’s fitted inside a structure or inside a masonry shift, a typical 2-stop installation takes 1-2 weeks to complete.

Home lifts in the UK typically use a single-phase power supply that needs to be fitted directly adjacent to the control panel and tank unit.

For home lifts, the typical lead time (the amount of time that passes from the beginning to the end of the buying & installation process) is around 7-10 weeks, plus delivery.

The carrying capacity of a home lift varies depending on the lift’s total footprint or the size of the lift provided. Generally, a conventional home lift can accommodate up to 4 people.

The maintenance requirements for a domestic lift depend on a few factors, including the lift’s anticipated usage and the installation environment. We typically recommend two maintenance visits per year, costing £250-£500 annually (subject to the locality).

Home lifts generally travel at 0.15 metres per second – so fairly slow. However, the lift does benefit from a minimal pit and reduced over-travel requirements due to the speed restriction.

There are a few possible setups and installation locations for your home lift, including:

  • Room to room – The most common configuration, enabling you to travel from your ground floor living room to your upstairs bedroom, or your hallway to your upstairs landing.
  • Garage to living space – If your garage is on a lower level than the rest of your living space, you may require a home lift to connect these spaces.
  • Cupboard to cupboard – You may even choose to have your domestic lift completely hidden inside a cupboard; a possibility due to the compact nature of these lifts.
  • Multi-story lifts – We also supply and install home lift solutions with multi-floor stops. Or, you might prefer to install multiple lifts, depending on your home layout.
  • Our domestic lift installation team will work with you closely to ensure your lift supply and installation is exactly how you imagined it.

    One of the first decisions to make is whether you’d like your home lift to be fitted within its own structure or inside a new or existing brick/block work shaft.

    Going for a fully glazed structure can really make a feature of the lift and allows the lift to be installed in a more open area.

    If you have an existing lift within your property, we can manufacture a lift to fit the existing shaft, reducing the cost of associated building works considerably, Alternatively, we can supply you with the appropriate planning documents for the construction of a new shaft.

    These are considerations you can make during your consultation with us. Our expert engineers are happy to answer your questions and make sure you’re fully informed about the different residential lift solutions available to you.

    Here are the key benefits of choosing S&D Lifts for your home lift installation:

    • Easily move between floors – Our through-floor lifts provide a convenient solution for moving between floors in your home, enabling you to stay in your comfortable environment regardless of the mobility challenges you may face.
    • Quality design – Each of our domestic lifts has a solid, durable design, with a compact footprint, allowing them to be installed in almost any part of your home.
    • Smooth, quiet design – In operation, our domestic lift solutions are whisper-quiet, without noisy drive systems or external hydraulics, so they won’t disturb the peace in your home.
    • Safety compliant – Our home lift installs are fully compliant with all UK safety standards and are designed and installed with safety as the number one priority.
    • Value-adding – Installing a domestic lift can even add value to your property, with buyers being more likely to take interest in homes with this future-proofing feature.


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