Emergency Lift Repair Services

We are specialists in emergency lift repair. By utilising our network of highly skilled engineers we are able to carry out emergency repairs all over the UK.

Our clients include businesses, companies, schools and any other institution looking for these services

From time to time older products may break down due to ageing mechanics or electronics, over usage or they may be simply coming to the end of their life. When faced with the prospect of having to replace your old product with a slightly more up to date model it may seem  like you’ll have to start to empty that piggy bank, however buying a brand new one isn’t always the best option.

We have specialists that can visit your site and carry out a full survey to give your lift a full heath check to see how it is running and give you a full itinerary letting you know what parts we can repair and what parts we might be able to modernise so we can take it back to its former glory.

One of the main ways to prevent the need of restoration in the first instance is making sure that product is properly and regularly maintained. Having your device properly maintained will ensure that it will run smoothly it will be cleaned regularly and any problems can be picked up straight away. If you don’t currently have a maintenance agreement in place  call us today to speak with one of our service sales advisors to can run you through the different service agreements we have available.

If your business is stuck and you need to get your lift up and running as fast as possible then please contact us using the form on the right of this page and we will ensure one of our technicians get sent out to help you get your lift operational again.