50kg Suspended Traction Dumbwaiter

Wherever food needs to be transported between floors, the BKG range of bespoke dumbwaiters offers the ideal answer.

Each BKG Bespoke Dumbwaiter is tailored to meet the most exacting of requirements and each lift is built specifically to match customers’ needs. All BKG Bespoke Dumbwaiters come with vertical bi-parting landing doors and their own galvanised steel structure and are built to a standard specification.

Conventional models

Conventional models come complete with a machine access door and finishes etc can all be varied to customize the lift to match the site requirements.To satisfy hygiene demands, Stainless steel shelves and floors are supplied as standard.

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Other stainless steel surface finishes are available as an option. A special seamless hygienic car is available for more rigorous requirements. Automatic “hands free” doors are also available to speed up the loading and unloading process.


  • Extra Shelf
  • Heated Tray
  • Single Phase
  • Stainless steel
  • Three Phase


  • Capacity: 50KG
  • Model: 50.45/0
  • Speed m/s: 0.45
  • Headroom (based on 800mm serving height): 2490
  • Shaft width mm: 720
  • Shaft depth mm: 580
  • Car width mm: 400
  • Car depth mm: 400
  • Car height mm: 600

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