Restaurant Lifts – A Necessity For Ease


Restaurant lifts have become a necessity for most buildings and businesses. They help a great deal in storing and moving objects. Modern structures inclusive of public, commercial and private buildings have these lifts.

By definition; restaurant lifts are small elevators similar to passenger elevators meant for carrying objects.

We offer the best range of restaurant lifts giving an adaptable and vital lifting. Our products are available for pubs, bars, grand kitchen. We also have other applications for libraries, stock rooms, and even sterile environments.


• A 50 kg and 100 kg models
• We supply standard rise and fall shutters
• The entrance is interlocked for extra safety
• Have fully automatic control
• An easy to clean finish
• We install in 2 days with minimal disruptions
• You get survey and guidance on how to use and maintain.
• Contact us for any damages or repairs

Our restaurant lifts are available in three varieties;


Here it is offered as either a small dumbwaiter or a service lift which is much larger. Best for private homes, offices and restaurants. The dumb waiter has a rise and fall shutters while the service lift comes equipped with a serving hinged doors on the floor level.


Double decker service is most suitable where there is limited space. The lift has two cars on one shaft with the top car having a rise and fall shutters while the lower one has a hinged landing gate. Serving is at counter and floor levels.


The bottom drive means; the motor is located at the bottom of the shaft. This is suitable for those with limited headroom. Serving and landing are at a counter level.

In conclusion, stress not in where to get a good reliable restaurant lift as we offer the best. Choose from our range of available restaurant that are tailor made to fit you, your business and your home.

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