How We Work

Lift Installation’s can be long and complicated process however here at Service and Disabled Lifts we try to make your lift installation as straight forward and as simple as possible.

We pride ourselves in being able to adapt to the needs of every customer no matter what their timescales or budget might be we will source the right lift for property and give you a range of after care package to suit the your requirements . We have created a very simple road map to display what a typical lift installation process would look like and hopefully show how easy and straightforward it is to work with Service and Disabled Lift Ltd.

How it works diagram

If you would like to find out more about our Lift installation process or the way that we work get in touch with one of our new lift sales advisors today or If you are looking for a lift and are interested in finding out more about our product range visit our product page which has full detailed descriptions of all of our available lifts along with a downloadable PDF brochures. Alternatively fill in our ‘Contact us’ form below and one of our advisors will be in touch.

If you are looking for more detailed specification on any of our products or you work in the design or construction industry and would like more information for a current or upcoming project that may require a lift installation team like ourselves, here at S&D Lifts we work extremely closely with architects, designers and building contractors so we have created a dedicated page containing all the types of information and services that you may need. Our specially designed page allows easy access all the technical information on our full range of lifts along with an array of downloadable pdf’s containing product brochures, specification sheets, technical drawings and Works documents.