The Orion contains one of the most luxurious lift cabins within our range of platform lifts and is perfect within a home or a place of business.

The Orion has a minimum pit depth of 100mm and a hydraulic lifting system that is one of the most energy efficient among all the other platform lifts on the market. The width of the platform can be completely tailored to your needs, from 660mm to a maximum of 1800mm.which is installed in a standard-build shaft way.

Large platform, Quick Install

Thanks to its innovative design the Orion has a small footprint but a large platform size so in turn the lift is very company and can fit within a small footprint, taking up as little space as possible. Among other platform lifts the Orion is both quick and easy to install as well as being easy to maintain once installed. The quality of materials used, as well as the large range of colours and finishes available, allow the Orion to integrate perfectly into your surroundings. The Orion is also delivered with push and run buttons on landing controls to comply with the New European MachineDirective 2006/42/EC. It is certified to CE, IMQ and TÜV. The cabin includes photo cells at each access side and the protection wall has safety edges on all three sides to ensure absolute safety at al times.

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  • Single Phase
  • Stainless Steel
  • Three Phase


  • Capacity: 410KG
  • Stops: Max 6
  • Travel: 13m Max
  • Speed m/s: 0.15m/s
  • Drive System: A patented ball screw system
  • Motor Output: 2.2KW
  • Power Supply: 240 Volt 50Hz
  • Norm Compliance: 2006/42/EC
  • Type Certification: European Machine Directive
  • Shaft: N/A
  • Cabin: N/A
  • Telephone: Yes

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