Hi-Line Disabled Lift

The Hi-Line lift brings an ‘elevator’ feel to a platform lift that is suitable in as for only a fraction of the cost, a common theme throughout our range of domestic lifts.

Fully complying with building regs 2000 part M, ISO 9386-1 and CE marked, this latest addition to the Glide range is based on the popular Hi-Rise platform lift but features a full mirrored cab back wall with LED Hi-Line lighting and illuminated control panel.

Increased mobility

This is will work in a range of properties both in a place of business and also within a private home. As with all commercial and domestic lifts they are there to increase mobility throughout the property for people that like to have the convince of having a lift within there property, they are also ideally suited to people who may be less able and would like to take some of strain away from climbing the stairs. Across our full range of commercial and domestic lifts we have a range of different finishes so no matter what the interior of your property maybe, weather it is more modern or maybe more traditional we will have a finish to suit across our whole range of commercial and domestic lifts.

Visual annunciation, audible annunciation and powered doors

The Glide Hi-Line platform lift can be specified with a variety of options including visual annunciation, audible annunciation and powered doors. This gives all the benefits of a moving carriage lift with the ease of installation and maintenance of a platform lift. If you would like to find out more about this lift or about any of our other platform/domestic lifts download the full product brochure below or call our head office today to speak with one of our new lifts sales executives who can walk you through the ins and outs of the product and if needed give you a itemised quotation for your project.y.


  • Single Phase
  • Stainless Steel
  • Three Phase


  • Capacity: 400KG
  • Stops: Max 6
  • Travel: 10m Max
  • Speed m/s: 0.15m/s
  • Drive System: Self sustained nut and screw
  • Motor Output: –
  • Power Supply: 240 Volt 50Hz
  • Norm Compliance: 2006/42/EC
  • Type Certification: –
  • Shaft: N/A
  • Cabin: N/A
  • Telephone: Yes

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