Wheelchair platform lifts

We specialise in both the supply and installation of domestic & commercial wheelchair platform lifts. We are proud to offer lift solutions that can help people move between different levels of a building with ease.


Main features

– Lifting capacities ranging from 250Kg – 500Kg
– Varity of footprints available to suit any space.
– Fully compliant to Part M for public access.
– Floor mounted design so no requirement for excavating a pit.
– Quick Manufacturing and Installation times
– Options of screw and hydraulic drive systems.


Product description

Our range of wheelchair platform lifts is one of our most popular product lines for both domestic and commercial settings. We have various platform sizes to suit any space and provide a range of Part M compliant platforms specifically designed to be installed in commercial settings such as schools, office buildings, hotels, etc.

A few drive options are available, the most popular being our innovative screw and nut drive system. The benefits of a screw drive system are that the motor and control panel are all housed within the footprint of the lift, so there is no requirement for an auxiliary box or tank unit that would typically need to be fitted within a few meters of the lift’s structure.

The modular structure we provide with our wheelchair platform lifts installation is incredibly quick. On a typical 2-stop installation, we expect to deliver to the site, install and commission within 3 days. Accompanied with only a 5-6


We work closely with a small group of manufacturers. One manufacturer is based here in the UK, which allows us the opportunity to supply lifts with a reduced lead time. Another is based in Italy and a third in Denmark.

The power requirements can vary depending on overall carrying capacity and lift type. However, typically, we would require a single-phase power supply on a 20amp type C breaker.

Our range of wheelchair lifts are suitable for both commercial and domestic applications. Generally, our smaller wheelchair lifts cater better to a domestic environment. However, our sales team can guide you through the various solutions that we have available and recommend the best product to suit the environment.

Typically, our wheelchair lifts will cost between £250 and £350 per year on a basic, biannual service contract. We also provide a more comprehensive package to cover all callouts repairs and maintenance. Get in touch with our sales team to find out more.

Our wheelchair lifts travel at 0.15 metres/second. This is a restriction imposed on all machinery directive lifts in order for them to comply with that particular directive.

Pit depth can vary dependent on the exact piece of equipment that we install, however, typically our pit depth starts at around 50mm, and runs up to around 120mm. We can also floor mount our lifts and ramp up, so you don’t always have to excavate the pit, thus reducing the amount of associated building works required for the lift installation.


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