Controlled Movement are a UK lift manufacturer that manufacture their lifts here in the UK. They are a fast growing business that are beginning to become a major player in the service lift industry.

UK Lift manufacturer Controlled movement are renowned for providing a very high quality product using the best components found in the lift industry, whilst maintaining a sensible price point. Here at SD Lifts we have been lucky enough to become controlled movements sole distributer for the UK market, giving us and our customers a fantastic opportunity to have access to a highly sort after lift that not only one of the best product on the market but is made by a UK lift manufacturer.

Controlled movement are pushing the boundary’s of British engineering, and promoting the importance of manufacturing here in the UK. They have a team of engineers with over 50 years experience in the lift industry and are constantly looking at how they can improve not only their current product range but potential ranges moving forward. Currently Controlled movement provide a 50 and 100 KG lift that all run up to 4 floors, as well as providing the flexibility to customize and build bespoke lifts tailored to your site. They are also looking at expanding their current range and are bringing in a 250KG and 500 KG goods lift which is due to start production winter 2015.

Below we have full specification guides and brochures for both controlled movement’s lifts that should give a good idea of the lifts specifics. If you are in the process of sourcing a service lift and would like to use a UK lift manufacturer like controlled movement  or if you would like any additional information about the product range, please call us or fill in our contact us from and one of our new lift specialists will get back to you right away.

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