Incline platform lifts

Our range of incline platform lifts allow ease of access between levels when floor space is restricted. Our compact design allows the platform to be folded away when not in use leaving the stairway unobstructed and free for use.


Main Features

– Varity of available platform sizes to suit all applications.
– Battery back-up System so the lift can still function in the event of a power failure.
– Suitable for straight or curved stairs.
– High quality anodised aluminium finish
– No building work required for installation.
– Minimal maintenance required.


Product description

Our Incline platform lift has been designed and built with ease of use in mind to increase manoeuvrability within a property for less able people. Our incline lift is built to carry a person either up a flight of stairs or up a steep ramp, whether inside or outside a building. The lift travels up and down via an innovative rack and pinion drive system, which can be either wall mounted in its most compact and space-efficient form or there, if there is not a supporting wall to fix back to, we can provide a wide variety of stations mounting systems to allow us to hold the rail securely regardless of your stair material.

We offer our incline platform lifts in a wide range of carrying capacities, starting from 190kg and going up to 500kg in our heavy-duty format. Regardless of the space available on your stairs, we will have a platform size that is right for you. We have standard-sized units that start at 500mm x 850mm and run right up to 850 x 1250m


Depending on whether you go for a straight or a curved rail, the lift installation can take anywhere between 1 to 3 days.

Typically, we will require a single-phase supply, ran into a fuse spur at either the upper or lower lever, directly adjacent to the rail of the lift.

Typical manufacturing time for an incline platform lift can be anywhere between 3 to 6 weeks.

Yes. The lift can include an option for a seat, which is a perfect addition for any users that are not seated in a wheelchair.

Yes. Both the straight and curved incline platform lifts can be fitted internally or externally.


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