Pallet lifts

Our range of pallet lifts has been specifically designed for the transportation of palletised goods between two levels. Our pallet lifts start at a 300kg carrying capacity and run up to 2000kg. They can serve up to 10 levels and travel up to 20M.

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Main Features

– Lifting capacities from 300kg – 2500kg
– Compact design
– Self-supporting surrounding structure
– Quick manufacturing and installation
– Minimal pit requirement of 170mm
– Single or three Phase power requirements
– Wide range of finishes available.

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Product description

Our range of pallet lifts are used widely throughout different business, from restaurants and hotels to manufacturing plants and warehouses. They come in a range of capacities and sizes to suit the requirement application. Our pallet lift requires a pit of 170mm and a minimum headroom of 2500mm. The lift is held within its own structure, complete with a single or double-hinged landing door and an electrically interlocked drop bar on the car front to ensure the pallet is held in place during transit.

With this lift being specifically designed to transport pallets, the car is fitted with timber buffer rails for extra wall protection. The remainder of the lift is produced to the same specification as our other bespoke Goods Lifts and is manufactured to comply with EN81-31:2010. Once installed, our pallet lifts are very simple to maintain, typically only requiring 2 visits per annum. We provide a variety of aftercare packages tailored to cater towards your requirements.


Typically, a pallet lift can take anywhere between 1 and 5 days to install. This all depends on the exact configuration that we supply, how many levels the lift is to serve, and whether the lift has been provided within its own framework/structure.

The power requirements of our pallet lifts are generally a three-phase supply with a 16-amp breaker, requiring a lockable isolator to be located directly adjacent to where the lift would be.

Building works are kept to a minimum with the installation of our pallet lifts. We can supply the lift inside its own framework, which minimises the requirement to build a blockwork shaft. There may be an element of making good to be done in and around the lift area, once our works are complete.

We will provide a 12-month parts and labour warranty with all our new lift installations.

Typically, our pallet lifts will cost between £250 and £350 per year on a basic biannual service contract. We also offer a more comprehensive package to cover all callouts repairs and maintenance. Get in touch with our sales team to find out more.


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