250KG BKG Trolley Lift with Sliding Doors

The 250kg floor loading trolley lift is the smallest capacity ‘Goods Lift’ that we offer as part of our service lift range.

The 250kg trolley lift has been designed to transport lighter goods between floors where the lifting capacity or size of the full size more heavy duty goods lift would not be required. The 250kg trolley lift is very flexible in terms of what type of business it is suitable for. The most common place to find this type of lift is within larger hotels, restaurants or bars to transport packaged food and palates of drink between floors. As with the rest of our trolley lift range there are a range of options available along with several types of door, each suited to a different purpose.

Trolly Lift

As with the rest of our trolly lift range each unit is modular based which makes installation simperer and much quicker once installed the trolley lift is easy to maintain usually only requires a few visits per year to ensure optimal running. Safety as with all of our lifts is imperative each unit within our trolley lift range come as standard with an electrically interlocking picket gate fitted to the car, this prevents goods falling out of the lift and down the shaft, all the safety features found on the lift are exactly the same specification as the conventional Bespoke Trolley Lift.

Find Out More

If you would like to find out more about our 250kg trolly lift or any other lift within our range get in touch with our new lift sales team who can guide you though the different options. We also have our trolley lift brochure available to download below, this contain full technical specifications along with the full list of options. You can also contact a member of our new lift sales team by filling in our contact us form below.


  • Extra Shelf
  • Single Phrase
  • Stainless Steel
  • Three Phrase


  • Capacity: 20KG
  • Model: 300.30/42
  • Speed m/s: 0.30
  • Max travel 2-stop mm: 4000
  • Headroom (based on 800mm serving height): 2600
  • Shaft width mm: 970
  • Shaft depth mm: 1040
  • Car width mm: 400
  • Car depth mm: 900
  • Car height mm: 600
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