Bespoke Dumbwaiters 100KG BKG

Wherever food needs to be transported between floors, the BKG range of bespoke dumbwaiters offers the ideal answer.

Here at SD lifts we have a wide range of dumbwaiters however sometimes our standard lift won’t fit the bill. Whether you need a larger car or you have a restricted shaft we can put together one of our bespoke Dumbwaiters to meet the exact requirements. Our bespoke range of Dumbwaiters are made and assembled in the same way the standard dumbwaiters are this means that the installation is just as easy and can be installed within the same amount of time.

Space Saving Lift

All of our bespoke dumbwaiters come with vertical bypassing doors as standard, contained within their own Galvanised steel structure with machine room door. The lift is also fitted with stainless steel shelves and floors as stands this is to be compliant with food hygiene standards as this lifts is very often used within restaurants, bars and hotels as a food lift. There is also an option of having the whole lift in stainless steel to meet with stricter hygiene standards and with an automatic hands free door opening system. If the space available for the lift is limited we can also fit one of our chain drive systems to the lift to fully optimise a limited floor space or where low headroom may be an issue.

Find Out More

If you would like to find out more about our range of bespoke dumbwaiters get in touch with our new lift sales team today to obtain a quotation. We also have the full product brochure averrable to download below with has all the technical specification for the lift along with a full list of options. If you would like a call back please fill in our contact us form below and one of our advisers will get straight back to you.


  • Single Phase
  • Stainless Steel
  • Three Phase


  • Capacity: 100KG
  • Model: 100.45/4
  • Speed m/s: 0.45m/s
  • Max Travel 2-stop mm: N/A
  • Minimum Still Height at First Floor (mm): 7300
  • Loading: N/A
  • Headroom (based on 800mm serving height): 2600
  • Shaft Width (mm): 1000
  • Shaft Depth (mm): 1000
  • Car width (mm): 710
  • Car depth (mm): 820
  • Car height (mm): 800
  • Rated Load (kg): 100
  • Speed (mps): 0.45
  • Traction Drive Location: Top
  • Landing Door Type: Single Hinged
  • Car width (CW) (mm) min: 300
  • Max: 600
  • Car depth (CD) (mm): 320
  • Max: 350
  • Shaft Width mm: 620
  • Shaft Depth mm: 530
  • Headroom mm: –
  • Pit (mm): No Pit
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