This Service lift has been designed for buildings where the headroom at upper floor is insufficient to accommodate a conventional top drive lift.

This lift is a service lift with a difference the double chain drive has the winding unit placed at the bottom of the lift shaft under car within a separate machine area, this enables the lift to be installed in a situation where there isn’t enough headroom to fit a conventional service lift. The access door is normally located under the serving sill. The service lift occupies the same shaft plan size as a conventional top drive lift system with the only difference being that the sill height at the bottom floor has to be a minimum of 900mm.

This particular service lift has proven popular with numbers industries the most popular being the hotel, restaurant and bar industry. The service lift is a modular based system which means that the installation time is dramatically reduced, a stand installation will normally take 1-2 days. Once installed the service lift is very low maintenance and so can be kept running with minimal disturbance. Standard specification and specification variables are the equivalent (or the same) as a conventional bespoke service lift. Like all other BKG Service lifts from SD Lifts, this 100.45/41 model complies with the European Standard EN81-3: 2000.

If you want to find out some more in depth information regarding our Low head room service lift get in touch with our new lift sales team today they can talk you through the products in our range guide you toward step right product for you. We also have  our full product brochure available to download below which has all technical information and full list of optional extras Alternatively you can fill in our contact us form below and one of our advisors will get straight back to you.

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