Installing a Food Lift or Goods Lift, , in your business can be a daunting task and you will probably find yourself weighing up the pro’s and cons of doing so. Hopefully this post will help outline the benefits and assist in choosing the right product.

The main reason for installing a Goods or Food Lift is to  transport goods between floors where manually transporting goods would be either unsafe, too time consuming or impossible.

The Goods and Food Lift range are available in various shapes and sizes ranging from a document lift capable of moving 5KG up to a 2000KG goods lift suitable for transporting multiple pallets or trolleys.  Having a wide range of service and goods lifts means each lift is specific to each industry For example a 50Kg Dumbwaiter lift, is ideal for a bar or restaurant to carry plates or bottles between floors saving time and ensuring the goods arrive at their destination quickly and safely this is otherwise known as a Food Lift . Another great example is the 300-500KG goods only lift, this has been optimised especially within the storage or warehousing industry, having a goods lift is seen as the safer and cheaper alternative to a fork lift truck when moving goods via pallets to and from different levels.

The main reason to invest in a Goods or Food Lift:

  • Assists in lifting multiple and heavy
    loads between floors safely and with minimal human effort thus eliminating the risk of injuries through manual handling
  • Service and Goods lifts are designed and manufactured to a high performance criteria meaning they are adapted to run continuously all day and are therefore ideal for a busy workplace
  • A goods or service lift can speed up the processes of moving goods between floors in turn making the processes of your business more efficient.
  • Bespoke lifts are available including the option of a heated self ensuring food is delivered at the correct temperature and on time or allowing goods to be delivered without being damaged to the right location

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