UK Pallet Lift 300KG

There are two types of Pallet Lifts, both are 300kg capacity Goods Lifts sized specifically to suit either Euro and UK Pallets.

The UK Pallet Lift is sized to accept 1000x 1200mm UK style pallets. The special car size on this model is 1100mm wide x 1300mm deep and this requires a shaft of 1500mm wide x 1420 deep.

Both lifts require a pit of 170mm and a minimum headroom of 2500mm and both come with their own structure and come complete with a single hinged landing door and an electrically interlocked drop bar on the car. The car is fitted with timber buffer rails for extra wall protection. The remainder of the lift is produced to the same specification as the BKG Bespoke Goods Lifts and both models are manufactured to comply with EN81-31:2010.


  • Single Phase
  • Stainless Steel
  • Three Phase


  • Rated Load (kg): 300
  • Speed (mps): 0.15
  • Landing Door Type: Single Hinged
  • Car width (cw) mm * min: 1100
  • Max: 1100
  • Car depth (cd) (mm) * min: 1300
  • Max: 1300
  • Shaft width mm: 1500
  • Shaft depth mm: 1420
  • Headroom mm: 2500
  • Pit mm: 170

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