250KG BKG Trolley Lift Product Guide

Where there is a requirement to move bulky but light goods between floors, the BKG range of floor loading Trolley Lifts fits the bill.

The basic trolley lift ranges in capacity from 100 to 250kg. It comes with heavy duty hinged landing doors which can be complemented with a choice of drop-bar or lattice gate protection fitted to the car.
All BKG Bespoke Trolley Lifts come with their own galvanized steel structure and are built to a standard specification. Conventional models come complete with a machine access door. Capacity, travel, speed, number of stops, car dimensions, entrance type, finishes etc can all be varied to customize the lift to match the site requirements.


  • Single Phase
  • Stainless Steel
  • Three Phase


  • Rated Load (kg): 250
  • Speed (mps): 0.30
  • Car width (CW) (mm) * Min: 400
  • Max: 1000
  • Car Depth (CD) (mm) * Min: 800
  • Max: 1000
  • Shaft width mm: 800
  • Shaft depth mm: 920
  • Pit (mm): 260

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