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50Kg Advantage Dumbwaiter Lifts

The smaller model of the two Advantage dumbwaiter lifts, the BKG 50kg capacity Advantage Dumbwaiter lift was developed to meet the requirements of the very short lead time market.

If you’ve decided that a dumbwaiter lift would be ideal for your home or business, you now have another choice to make. How large a lift do you need? What will you be transporting? Service lifts can be purchased for a variety of weights, and our smallest lift carries up to 50kg. As opposed to our vehicle and industrial goods lifts, these service lifts are designed for use in restaurants, hotels, offices, and even homes.

Of course, larger service lifts are available, able to carry up to 100kg. Adding a service lift to your premises is a big decision, so if you’re not sure about how a dumbwaiter lift would affect your business and daily life, why not start small? Our 50kg advantage lifts are subtle, effective, and quietly reliable. Whether you need a small lift or a large one, we can supply, deliver, and install the lift you need.

No obligation, 100% privacy guaranteed

Our Process


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Our engineers will arrive between 8 to 9am and start installation which typically takes 1-2 days


We provide handover documentation and a servicing plan. We recommend 2-4 services per year

No obligation, 100% privacy guaranteed

Why Choose S&D Lifts

Dumbwaiter lifts are exceptional for use in the home or business. As a UK supplier and installer, our technical team help ensure your kitchen lift is installed trouble free. We are happy to meet with you and discuss the ideal service or dumbwaiter lift you require and will draw up the plans for the project. We also certify all of our work to ensure it has met all health and safety standards

Best Quality

Our lift cars can be finished in either stainless or Galvanised steel dependant upon the particular application. Our landing doors can also be powder coated in a RAL colour of your choice, perfect if you are installing a lift in your home and would like it to blend in with its surroundings.

Increase Productivity and
Reduce Risk of Injury

Reduce the risk of injury that comes with manual handling. Whether you are a restaurateur or homeowner, injuries caused by unnecessary manual handling will ultimately cost you money and/or staff.

Quick and Easy Install

Our quick and easy to install, whilst causing minimal disruption. Dumbwaiter installation takes just one to two days on a two-floor lift and our engineers will return for a second visit, which will include the testing, commissioning of the lift and training in its safe operation.

No obligation, 100% privacy guaranteed

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What Our Clients Say

“We would be happy to recommend them to other clients as a reputable installer. In confirmation of this we are currently engaged in two further installations programmed in our new build developments as our preferred”

“We would be happy to recommend them to other clients as a reputable installer. In confirmation of this we are currently engaged in two further installations programmed in our new build developments as our preferred”

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Receive a Warranty?

We supply every lift with a 12 month parts a labour warranty which can be extended if required.

Who Should Invest in a 50Kg Advantage Lift?

Dumbwaiter lifts are suitable for any premises that need goods to be manually taken from floor to floor. The obvious candidates are restaurants and hotels, but a dumbwaiter can be a valuable addition to offices, pubs, and even for laundry purposes. 

The beauty of a dumbwaiter is in its versatility. You can transport anything that fits (and falls under the 50kg limit, of course!). The goods you choose to transport could be a folder that needs to be taken to someone at the top of the building, or several trays of food for the restaurant on the floor above. Once your dumbwaiter lift is installed, you’ll no doubt find more uses for it than you initially thought.

Another benefit is speed. When you compare the time it takes for a service lift to run some goods up several floors to the time it would take you to carry them, there’s no contest. The extra time frees you to focus your time and energy elsewhere, secure in the knowledge that your goods are safely reaching their destination.

Service lifts are a helpful convenience for seniors and those with disabilities or anyone who might struggle with stairs. Installing a service lift to carry goods from one floor to another is a very simple concept, but it can save tremendous amounts of time and energy. Using a service lift to help you with laundry day or anything heavy is a good way to avoid accidents and save time. 

Essentially, if your building contains more than one floor, you could make good use of a service lift. Additionally, the smooth, stainless steel design tends to look good, too. Smooth, clean, and modern, our service lifts are subtle but effective. If you’re not sure what kind of lift would suit you best, our installation service will help you understand what kind of service lift would be best for you and your premises. 

Benefits of a 50kg Service Lift

A service lift is more than a whimsical convenience. It’s a living, breathing part of daily life and work. A dumbwaiter can make a tangible difference to the way you work. In fact, as cities and towns grow bigger, properties that span several floors are becoming more and more common. 

For busy kitchens, a dumbwaiter is a valuable tool, used all day, every day. In fact, a service lift is indispensable in some places. However, there’s more to an advantage lift than taking plates of hot food from A to B. For starts, a service lift will keep the food hot – or cold! – while it makes its way to the customer. 

So, let’s briefly discuss a few of the benefits you could get from investing in a service lift. 

Keep food warm while traveling

Having this sort of specification makes the advantage dumbwaiter one of the most popular service lifts on the market. The lift can be used in a range of different situations and properties to carry an array of different goods. One of the most common places you will find a dumbwaiter lift like this is in a restaurant, usually in the kitchen. It’s used to carry hot plates from the kitchen to the restaurant area, which is very convenient when you have the option of a heated tray within the lift. The heated tray keeps the food warm whilst traveling up the shaft.

Cold or lukewarm food is going to result in complaints and angry customers. However, if you have to walk up several flights of stairs to get the food from the kitchen to the table, some cooling is inevitable. So, if you’re running a busy restaurant, is a service lift really something you can afford to do without? In fact, depending on the size and details of your premises and business, you may even consider more than one service lift. 

As an interesting side point, a service lift will keep fresh, clean, warm laundry warm on its way to its destination. If you’re using a service lift in a home and you just love fresh sheets warm from the dryer, a service lift can help you with this small luxury!


The initial cost of installing a service lift might give you pause for thought. However, a service lift is more of an investment than a straightforward expense, especially for businesses. Having something like a service lift is within a restaurant can be very cost-effective. It saves a lot of wasted time running hot plates up and down the stairs, whilst also eliminating the risk of anyone falling or dropping plates of food whilst making the journey. Restaurants are not the only industry to adopt these sorts of lifts; hotels, offices, and residential homes have become an increasingly popular place to find dumbwaiter lifts. 

The manual labour of running plates of food up and down the stairs is exhausting. It’s a waste of your time and talents, as well as seriously increasing the risk of accidents and possible lawsuits. A dumbwaiter can remove that difficulty altogether, and free up your focus – and that of your staff, if you have employees – for more important things.


Health and safety are an ongoing concern for every premises. Especially in a kitchen area, the risk of injury can be high. Naturally, proper protocols are put in place. However, when it comes to getting the plate of delicious hot food to the table, workers only have a limited time before that tasty meal is cooling down. Unfortunately, most of us have the tendency to rush at times like this. As you can imagine, this can easily lead to accidents. 

Remember, if one of your employees has a serious accident at work, you could be liable. You could also injure yourself, which could lead to a loss of earnings.

Not only does an advantage lift save valuable time, but it greatly reduces the chances of accidents. It also takes the pressure off you and your staff. If you have several people rushing up and down several flights of stairs, each bearing heavy trays of food, it’s simply an accident waiting to happen. Knowing that you can simply place the cooked food into a service lift and send it two or three floors up is nothing short of a weight off your mind!

Especially if your building covers several floors, a dumbwaiter lift is so much quicker and easier. It also practically guarantees that the food reaches the customer hot and delicious! 

For example, you fit additional trays into the lift which would increase the amount of food you could fit into a 50kg service lift. Now, think about how long it would take you to carry all of those trays up a flight – or even several flights – of stairs. Time is money, and a service lift can save you plenty of both. Bottles, beverages, or other fragile goods can be quickly and safely transported in a service lift. 


While service lifts tend to be more popular with restaurants and buildings with busy kitchens, this is by no means the limit of a service lift’s versatility. For example, a laundry chute is a staple in many hotels. A laundry chute, however, only goes one way, limiting its usefulness. Why not consider replacing your chute with a service lift, and save yourself a long trip back upstairs with an armful of laundry?

Subtle and Durable Design 

Our service lift series boasts durability and personalized installation. An advantage lift is an investment, something that should fit smoothly into your lifestyle and method of working. You can collaborate with our team to work out how and where your service lift should be placed. There are a few extra benefits that you might want to take note of: 

  • Door position 

Your lift will come with two entrances per floor. Depending on your needs, you can have these doors adjacent or opposite to each other.

  • Structure

The lift is designed with a galvanised structure-supported frame.

  • Controls 

Automatic push-button controls, allowing you to call or send the lift from any floor. We also supply a buzzer, allowing you to draw attention to the lift. 

  • Motor

Your lift will have either a top or bottom motor drive, depending on how much headroom is available. 

Our lifts are perfectly at home in any working environment or any personal kitchen. We also offer maintenance services, to keep your lift working just as smoothly and reliably as it did on day one. 

If you would like to find out more about our range of dumbwaiter lifts get in touch with our new lifts sales team today or fill in our contact us form below and our team will get straight back to you.

How Many Stops Can The 50kg Dumbwaiter Make?

The size and dimensions of the lift are fixed to a standard size, which enables the fast delivery and installation of the lift. The Dumbwaiter lift is available as two or three-stop, single, or through car entry and also comes complete with vertical bi-parting landing doors and their own galvanised steel structure. The maximum travel of 4m (two stop) or 7.3m (three stop) can be easily adjusted on-site to again ensure quick delivery and installation. Landing finishes across the range are stainless steel, with landings having 2-hour fire ratings as standard.

Anatomy of a Service Lift

The concept of a service lift is simple. Designed like a small elevator, the lift provides a solid metal box to transport goods from one floor to another. While the design is simple, feel free to speak to us about customizations and modifications to your lift. A service lift should fit neatly into your life, enhancing and streamlining your workflow. Some adjustments can even be made during the installation. 

As mentioned earlier, your advantage lift can be designed with several stops. This can be handy if your lift needs to be used on two or three different floors. The steel structure is hardy and durable, with built-in fire safety. This is an important consideration if you’re going to be transporting anything flammable. 

What you plan to use your service lift for will affect what kind of entry you’d like. For example, a simple single opposite entry might be just fine, or you may need something more complex. That’s fine. Ask our installation team about your options before installation begins, or during your initial conversation.