The BKG 50kg capacity Advantage Dumbwaiter is the smaller of the two Advantage dumbwaiter lifts.

The BKG 50kg capacity Advantage Dumbwaiter lift was Developed to meet the requirements of the very short lead time market. This means that the size and dimensions of the lift are fixed to a standard size which enable the fast delivery and installation of the lift. The Dumbwaiter lift is available as two or three stop, single or through car entry and also come complete with vertical bi-parting landing doors and their own galvanised steel structure. The maximum travel of 4m (two stop) or 7.3m (three stop) can be easily adjusted on site to again ensure the quick delivery and installation. Landing finishes across the range are stainless steel, with landings having 2 hour fire ratings as standard.

Having this sort of specification makes the advantage dumbwaiter one of the most popular dumbwaiter lifts on the market. The lift can be used in a range of different situations and properties to carry an array of different goods. One of the most common places you will find a dumbwaiter lift like this is in a restaurant usually in the kitchen used to carry hot plates from the kitchen to the restaurant area very convenient when you have the option of a heated tray within the lift to keep the food warm whilst traveling up the shaft. Having something this is within a restaurant can be very cost effective saving on a lot of wasted time running hot plates up and down the stairs whilst also eliminating the risk of anyone falling or dropping plates of food whilst making the journey. Restaurants are not the only industry to adopt these sort of lifts; hotels, offices and residential home have became an increasingly popular place to find dumbwaiter lifts.

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