Where there is a requirement to move paperwork between floors, our document lift is ideal

Service and Disabled lifts offer a document lift that come in two sizes a 5kg and a 20kg, they are specially designed for documents and other very light and non-bulky items to be transported between floors quickly. This sort of lift is very popular within offices where important paper work needs to be transported between floors from one department to other quickly. The document lift is built in a very similar way to our standard dumbwaiter lift, there for installation is simple and can be installed within 2 days.

Although rated at 5kg and 20kg with the drive at the bottom of the shaft, our Document Lift is in every other respect just like their big brothers. They come complete with their own galvanized steel structure and have easy to use small hinged landing doors and just like the larger models are produced to comply with the European Standard EN81-3:2000.

If you would like to find our more about our document lift range contact our new lift sales team today to obtain a quotation. We also have the full product brochure available to download below which has full product description along with all the technical information. If you would like us to call you back please in fill in our contact us form below and one of our advisors will get straight back to you.

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